Saturday, October 26, 2013 - 6:30pm
Sacramento - State Capitol Building Steps
Please join Kaylie for prayer and to light a candle in Honor of the Victims of Dangerous Dogs on the steps of the Sacramento State Capitol Building at 6:30pm on October 26th. For more information, please contact Dennis Baker or

Friday, July 19, 2013

Over Twice Amount Raised During Candle and T Shirt Fundraising Drive!

Initial goal $500, amount raised, $1,085!

Read more: Support Kaylie's Candelight Vigil for Victims of Dangerous Dogs & Get a T Shirt!
July 18, 2013
Lucy Muir - "Thank you to all you generous donors to Kaylie's Candlelight Vigil!  You have given more than twice our original goal, and there are still 12 hours left to donate!
We will send updates about when the T-shirts are ordered and ready to be mailed.
Hope to see many of you at Sacramento!"
July 14, 2013
Lucy Muir - "Thank you new donors!  You guys are great!  We have four days left for our campaign and we are just $35 dollars away from our new goal - an extra $100 to have a parade style banner made with photos and names of pit bull attack victims.  If you can, please help us reach our goal and whether you can or can't donate, please share our campaign!
Whether you contribute or not, if you'd like to send us a photo to put on the banner, please write a private comment on indiegogo!"
July 11, 2013
Lucy Muir - "We have a week left for our campaign. We’ve made our original goal. And now we are looking for funds to get a parade style banner printed with photos of dangerous dog victims! If you can, please donate, we’re trying for an additional $200 dollars for this large banner with lots of photos printed on it. A donation of any size is appreciated, but if you donate at $10 you can get a candle lit remembrance of a victim and their name on the banner! Please help us even with a dollar if you can! If you can’t donate, please share!"

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